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These garment blank kits will be made of Tartex Textile's "Sunburst" woolen jean cloth on a natural cotton warp. We have developed "Sunburst" to replicate the appearance of faded, field worn logwood dyed jean. This makes it an excellent choice for jacket material representing a jacket that has been worn throughout the Gettysburg campaign. The lining in these jacket blanks are Tartex Textiles premium natural cotton osnaburg.


Wright Tedder, 17th MS


This style jacket has a six piece body, two piece sleeves, nonbuttoning beltloops, nonbuttoning shoulder straps, typically a nine button closure with a button affixed through each shoulder strap. It is lined in cotton osnaburg and have an inside pocket.

These jacket blank kits includes all the pieces of the jacket put together in garment form along with thread, and instructions. You can add buttons to your order if you choose to do so. You will need to close the lining at the neck with a few whip stitches, work the button holes, and sew on the buttons.


W.F. Smith, Co. F, 21st MS


A portion of every order received through this bully buy will be donated to Homespun Historic Ventures.


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